ESD Rep Agreement

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Louisiana and shall become binding once approved and signed by the President of Enchanting Scents Designs

Full Legal Name___________________________

E-Mail Address____________________________

Paypal Address______________________________

Physical Mailing Address___________________________________________

(You must include Street, Road, Lane, etc. NO PO Boxes)

Main Phone__________________________

Cell or Other Phone____________________ Evening Phone_________________________

Birth Date____________________________

Social Security or Federal Tax ID Number__________________________

(Application cannot be completed without this)

You must initial each of the statements below to indicate your agreement.

1. I understand that as a Representative I am not an employee franchise holder or legal representative for Enchanting Scents Designs I understand that I shall be working as a self-employed independent contractor As an independent contractor I am responsible for filing all necessary federal state and local taxes as may be applicable to any earnings bonuses and prizes received from ESD In particular I will not be treated as an employee with respect to any services for federal and state purposes I also understand that any State Unemployment or Workers Compensation Act does not cover me. __________

2. As an Independent ESD Representative I agree to present ESD products in a truthful sincere honest and business-like manner and to conduct myself in a manner that will reflect the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of ESD. ___________

3. I am aware that I shall not be considered active and eligible to earn commission until the company accepts my signed agreement and place one retail order I am
aware that ESD may revise these requirements with 30 days written notice. _________

4. This Agreement incorporates by reference Enchanting Scents Designs Independent Representative Policy and Training Manual and any updates thereto I understand that any violation of the terms of this Agreement or any false information that I provide may result in immediate cancellation of this Agreement and termination of my status as an independent distributor at the sole discretion of Enchanting Scents Designs the Company. __________

5. I understand it is mandatory to remain in contact with my team leader on a regular bases. _____________

6. I understand Failure to submit at least one order any size once a month will deem me inactive for that month and revoke my right to collect any sales bonuses including down line sales commissions. __________


This application will not be processed until we have received your $15.00 application fee. You may pay this fee by sending $15.00 to through PayPal. Go to . If you don't have a PayPal account already you will need to set one up to make the payment. PayPal accounts are FREE and you will need one when ordering.

Applying Representatives Signature_________________________________

Date Signed_________________

Referred By:_____________________________

(Be sure to list Referring Reps Name Here – This way you are placed on their team. If no name is listed, we will assign you to a team based on the next who’s next in line to receive a new team member.)