Enchanting Scents Designs Representative Opportunity Synopsis

Thank you for your interest in Enchanting Scents Designs. Let me try and summarize our fabulous business opportunity for you:

We offer exceptionally high quality soy wax and gel candles, and new accessories! o Our soy wax candles burn cleaner, last longer and smell better than any other candle on the market today. o Most of our gel candles contain refillable glass inserts into which we pour soy wax, so you get the benefits of soy wax coupled with the beauty of gel.

Our representative programs offer the following benefits: o Low $10.00 start up cost. Highest starting commissions in the industry o No inventory requirements o No monthly sales quotas* o No sales venue restrictions o No advertising restrictions** o No geographic restrictions o No other business affiliation restrictions** o Opportunity to sponsor and build your own personal sales team o NEW – In-depth training manual and online program o NEW - On-going support from our new management team

* Minimum net sales of only $20.00 per quarter to remain an active rep. **ESD does reserve certain rights regarding these benefits. Please see corresponding sections of this synopsis for more details.

Independent Representatives of Enchanting Scents Designs must meet the following requirements:

Potential Representatives must complete and submit a signed agreement before Enchanting Scents Designs will consider them. No incomplete application will be considered. All potential Representatives must be at least 18 years of age. No applicant will be refused on the basis of race, gender or religion.

Independent Representatives must comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations that may apply to their business, including but not limited to, collecting and reporting of sales tax. In most areas it is necessary for an Independent Distributor to obtain a sales tax license.

All Enchanting Scents Designs Representatives agree to present Enchanting Scents Designs products in a truthful, sincere, honest and business-like manner, and conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of Enchanting Scents Designs

Independent Contractors

Enchanting Scents Designs Representatives are not employees, franchise holders, or legal representatives for Enchanting Scents. They are self-employed, independent contractors. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for filing all necessary federal, state and local taxes as may be applicable to earnings and prizes received from Enchanting Scents Designs. In particular, associates will not be treated as employees with respect to any services for federal and state purposes. Also, any State Unemployment or Worker’s Compensation Act would not apply.

At this time, Enchanting Scents Designs does not offer liability insurance for its associates. For more information, please contact a licensed insurance agent in your area.

Inventory Requirements/Sales Quotas

ESD does not require its associates to maintain inventory. Our candles are unique because they are poured to order and arrive fresh. You may however elect to keep some inventory on hand so that your customers have the option of cash-n-carry in addition to placing their own customized order.

Sales quotas are required to be eligible for commissions on your downline sales (Please see “Sponsoring”).

Maintaining Active Status

After your initial order, ESD does require its associates to place any sized order every month in order to receive bonuses. However in the event an order will not be placed, we require you to maintain constant contact (minimum—once a month) with your sponsor (upline) or ESD management. Because of the size of our company and the growth we are experiencing, we can only support serious, motivated individuals. Constant contact with our associates assures us that everything humanly possible is being done to support, encourage, and maintain the success of our associates.

Sales Venues

ESD allows sale of its products in any sales venue: home shows, craft shows, flea markets, fairs, websites, etc. ESD strongly encourages its associates to take advantage of as many venues for selling as possible, and can provide suggestions as to how best market your business. You are free to set up a website and/or publish ESD products on an existing site, however we do not provide the site for you. We also strongly discourage websiteonly sales. Our products greatest assets--their beauty and their scent--are best presented through personal, face-to-face contact. In addition, person-to-person sales are the best means to develop a strong customer base and encourage repeat orders.


The company will occasionally advertise on behalf of the itself and to the benefit of
all it’s associates, however it will not finance advertising for individual associates or their businesses. ESD, however, places virtually no advertising restrictions on its representatives in regards to their individual businesses. All associates are free to and encouraged to advertise in any venue. We ask only that said advertising portray ESD in a professional, favorable light. All associates are further permitted to use the company name, pictures, and literature, in whole or in part, within the scope of their advertising. We do, however, reserve the right to require removal of advertising in which the company’s name, pictures, and/or literature is used and is deemed to be misleading or harmful to the reputation of the company.

Geographic Restrictions

ESD does not place any geographic or territorial restrictions on its representatives. We currently have associates across the US, Canada, and even some international locations. Another asset to joining ESD is that you could be the first in your area to introduce our phenomenal products. This is truly a ground floor opportunity.

Other Business Affiliations

ESD place no restrictions on its representatives in regards to their affiliation with other companies. However, competitive affiliations may not be advertised on the ESD Family Group and no advertising is permitted on the ESD Business group.


Independent Representatives are encouraged to develop their own personal sales team. Finding, sponsoring, training and developing others who are interested in becoming ESD associates, significantly adds to your income and your success. In order to collect commissions, associates must place a monthly order.

Once you have sponsored, it is imperative that you take an active roll in your downline’s business. The management of ESD will do anything possible to help you build, train and maintain your team.

Earn up to 8% commission based on the following: Position Requirements Commission Sales Representative
• Place an order each month. • 30% of personal commissionable sales + sales bonuses as applicable • 3% of direct downline commissionable sales Senior Representative • Personally sponsor and maintain two (2) active Associates • Maintain at least $300.00 in personal commissionable sales per month • 33% of personal commissionable sales + sales bonuses as applicable • 3% of direct downline commissionable sales Team Manager • Personally sponsor and maintain five (5) active associates • Maintain at least $500.00 in personal • 35% of personal commissionable sales + sales bonuses as applicable
commissionable sales per month • 3% of direct downline commissionable sales
Regional Manager
• Personally sponsor and maintain five (5) active associates • Personally maintain at least $1000.00 in personal commissionable sales per month • Achieve and maintain at least $4200 in team commissionable sales per month for a period of no less than 6 mos.
• 40% of personal commissionable sales + sales bonuses as applicable • 5% of direct downline commissionable sales


Orders may be place online from our store site, by email, or by postal service. Orders must be paid for when placed, and we accept MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. Money Orders and personal checks are accepted for mail orders only. You pay only the amount you owe, and keep your percentage, so there is no waiting for your commission.

Associates are responsible for all shipping costs, however the company charges only ACTUAL SHIPPING RATES. The company will ship to you, or drop ship directly to your customer, and we suggest that shipping rates be passed on to your customer.