The company will occasionally advertise on behalf of the itself and to the benefit of
all it’s associates, however it will not finance advertising for individual associates or their businesses.   ESD, however, places virtually no advertising restrictions on its representatives in regards to their individual businesses.  All associates are free to and encouraged to advertise in any venue.  We ask only that said advertising portray ESD in a professional, favorable light. All associates are further permitted to use the company name, pictures, and literature, in whole or in part, within the scope of their advertising.  We do, however, reserve the right to require removal of advertising in which the company’s name, pictures, and/or literature is used and is deemed to be misleading or harmful to the reputation of the company.

Geographic Restrictions

ESD does not place any geographic or territorial restrictions on its representatives.  We currently have associates across the US, Canada, and even some international locations.  Another asset to joining ESD is that you could be the first in your area to introduce our phenomenal products.  This is truly a ground floor opportunity.