Maintaining Active Status

After your initial order, ESD does require its associates to place any sized order every month in order to receive bonuses.  However in the event an order will not be placed, we require you to maintain constant contact (minimum—once a month) with your sponsor (upline) or ESD management. Because of the size of our company and the growth we are experiencing, we can only support serious, motivated individuals.  Constant contact with our associates assures us that everything humanly possible is being done to support, encourage, and maintain the success of our associates.

Sales Venues

ESD allows sale of its products in any sales venue:  home shows, craft shows, flea markets, fairs, websites, etc.  ESD strongly encourages its associates to take advantage of as many venues for selling as possible, and can provide suggestions as to how best market your business.    You are free to set up a website and/or publish ESD products on an existing site, however we do not provide the site for you.  We also strongly discourage websiteonly sales.  Our products greatest assets--their beauty and their scent--are best presented through personal, face-to-face contact.  In addition, person-to-person sales are the best means to develop a strong customer base and encourage repeat orders.